Ayako Taniguchi | Composer – FWA Of The Day

2021.6.30 11:38 AM

Ayako Taniguchi | Composer – The FWA

Ayako TaniguchiのサイトがThe FWAのFWA Of The Dayをいただきました!楽曲の強さがものを言ったのかなと思います。これをきっかけにAyako Taniguchiの楽曲を世界中の人に聴いてもらえたらいいなと思っています。
あと個人的には自分が実装を担当したプロジェクトでFWA Of The Dayは通算10回目の受賞。これは嬉しい。

Ayako Taniguchi’s website has won FWA Of The Day on The FWA! I reckon the strength of the music was the main reason why it was awarded. I’d love people all over the world to listen to her music. In addition, this is the 10th time I’ve won this award for a project I’ve developed. I’m so happy about that.


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