2023.6.15 2:50 PM

Hana | Hana Network


I was in charge of WebGL development and part of the front-end development for the “Hana” website, which is a privacy layer that brings confidentiality to all blockchains.
The flower would bloom from a bud, swaying, changing into various colours, and undergoing multiple transformations. This time, before finalizing the design, I conducted implementation studies (testing feasibility and creating simulation tools), wrote numerous shaders, and experienced many stimulating aspects!


Client:Hana Network様
Production:STUDIO DETAILS Inc.

Director:福田 悠斗
Art Director / Designer:中田 彩
WebGL / Front-end Developer:代島 昌幸(Calmhectic inc.)
Technical Director:水澤 志歩
Front-end Developer:岩下 明日海、多田 亮太

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