DRAFT Minamiaoyama | DRAFT Inc.

2023.8.8 1:57 PM

DRAFT Minamiaoyama | DRAFT Inc.

DRAFT Inc.さんの新オフィス特設サイト制作でWebGLとフロントエンド開発を担当しました。

I was in charge of WebGL and front-end development for DRAFT Inc.’s new office special site production, I visited the office several times for MTG and it was a really nice office. (Vocabulary 0) I also had a lot of fun adding motions/interactions to Nakagawa san’s super cool design.

Producer: Masaya Yamamoto (ingraft Inc.)
Art Director / Designer: Hirofumi Nakagawa (ANDMADE Inc.)
WebGL / Front-end Developer: Masayuki Daijima (Calmhectic inc.)

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